Synne Sanden is an experimental and expressive popartist who writes about shameful subjects. The norwegian Gaffa writes ”She has succeeded in finding her own voice and her own expression, musically as well as lyrically” She is inspired by Björk, Radiohead, Portishead and different songtraditions, but most og all her own emotional world.

She is explorative and uncompromising in songwriting, her way of singing, production and her visual world. She is as explosive as she is sore, as playful as she is dark, and as rough as she is sensitivily. She expresses a large scale of emotions through her songs and voice and she gives it all everytime she enters the stage.

Her single IMITATION is about wanting to be someone else and is a personal description of self-loathing and inferiority. This is also the main theme on her upcoming album which will be released friday the 13th of September by Nordic Records. The album is produced by Thomas Dybdahl, Bugge Wesseltoft, Lars Fremmerlid and the artist herself. On the album and live she is letting out her own rich inner life through fascinating songs as dangerous and thrilling as fireworks, and she decides the rules.